To expand on our love of the culture that is for African Americans and women who soar, I would like to shed some recent light on one of our 2017 accomplishments.

A young lady by the name of ImeIme Umana has been elected as the very first African American woman to be President of the prestigious 130 year old Harvard Law Review. She will be the second African American in history to hold this position, next to former President of the United States, Barack Obama. Her tenure will not begin, however, until the next school year. (

May 4, 1959

Ella J. Fitzgerald

Born April 25, 1917 – Died June 15, 1996- Jazz Singer

First African American woman to win a Grammy Award.

June 2015

Misty D. Copeland

Born September 10, 1982- Ballet Dancer

First African American performer appointed as Principle Dancer for the American Ballet Theater.

June 24 – July 5, 1957 

Althea Gibson

Born August 25, 1927 – Died September 28, 2003- Pro Tennis and Golf Player

First African American tennis player to play at the US National Championship and Wimbleton.

July 2004

Maritza Correia-McClendon

Born December 23, 1981- Athlete

First African American woman to place on the Olympic Swim Team.

July 29 – Aug 14, 1948

Alice M. Coachman

Born November 9, 1923 – Died July 14, 2014- Athlete

First African American woman to win a Gold Medal in the Summer Olympics London, UK.

August 1969

Thelma “Linda Martell” Bynem

Born June 4, 1941- R&B and Country Singer

First African American woman to perform at Grand Ole Opry.


Mary J. Patterson

Born September 12, 1840 – Died September 24, 1894- Teacher

First African American woman to earn a Bachelors Degree. She attended Oberlin College.

1983 – 1992

Evelyn Ashford

Born April 15, 1957- Athlete

Set World record in 100-meter (10.79) and broke own World record the following year (10.76) The oldest American woman to win a Gold Medal in Track with the 400-meter Relay Group. Also, the only woman in US Track history to win four Olympic Gold Medals.


Wanda James

Navy Lieutenant/ Political Campaign Manager/ 2008 Obama National Finance Committee

First African American woman to own a Cannabis Dispensary in Colorado. She is co-owner with her husband, Scott Durrah.