Happy Women’s Month

Today, I want to take a little time to celebrate the beautiful Ebony Queens that have been able to make history in this world. With or without their proper recognition, they have thrived against all odds and set a wonderful example for women,like myself, as well as young ladies, like my daughters.

Jan 3, 1987

Aretha L. Franklin

Born March 25, 1942- Singer/ Songwriter/ Musician

First female to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.


Jan 11, 2011

Oprah G. Winfrey

Born January 29, 1954- Media Proprietor/ Host/ Actress/ Producer/ Philanthropist

Launched the Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN)


Feb 29, 1940

Hattie McDaniel

Born June 10, 1895 – Died October 26, 1952- Comedian/ Actress/ Singer/ Songwriter

First African American to win an Academy Award for “Best Supporting Actress”


March 30, 1955

Dorothy J. Dandridge

Born November 9, 1922 – Died September 8, 1965- Actress/ Singer/ Dancer

First African American female nominated for an Academy Award for “Best Actress”


March 21, 1994

Caryn “Whoopi Goldberg” Johnson

Born November 13, 1955- Actress/ Host/ Author/ Comedian

First African American and Woman to host the Academy Awards solo.


1945 – 1990

Norma M. Sklarek

Born April 15, 1926 – Died February 6, 2012- Pioneering Architect

First registered African American architect; First licensed African American female in California; Only woman elected to the American Institute of Architects (AIA) College of Fellows.


1992 – 2004

Carol E. Moseley Braun

Born August 16, 1947- Politician/Lawyer

First African American woman elected for Senator; First African American female US Ambassador to New Zealand; First African American female to run for the Democratic nomination for Presidency.